Why and What?

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

Thomas A. Edison

Why have I started a blog, and what kind of content can you expect to find here?

I have been writing 500 words a day consistently for the past couple years. I took up this habit at the suggestion of a friend: after completing my philosophy degree in 2015, I was at a loss for what to do with my life and time. Upon visiting this particular Swiss in Montreal one summer day, he asked me what skill I believed I possessed that I desired to improve. I answered writing. Philosophy proved to be quite a stern teacher of writing. The topics were difficult to understand and even more so to express, but clarity was primordial.

Clarity served me as much as it did my school work because I found that I best understood a topic after I tried to put it to paper. In this way, I wrote for myself first, and for my teachers second. The holes in my reasoning were as obvious to me while writing as they were when discussing a topic with an adversary or friend. As it was, I began to write my daily quota, merely to maintain two toes dipped in the art. But, I got bored.

After about two years of writing for myself, I found that there was something missing. “Why do I spend so much time on this?”; “Who the hell do I think I am, some kind of writer?”; “What is the point?”. I harassed myself this way until I stopped writing altogether. I was busy with lots of stuff anyways. But once it was gone, I felt myself lesser. Worst, I felt anxious, just as we feel when we put off a task too long. Writing had taken an important role in my life. The role of understanding and release. I resolved against throwing away such a tool. Measures had to be taken.

This blog is my way to attempt to develop a skill into an art. I don’t know if it’s in me to do so, but I’ll try. If invention really needs a good imagination and a pile of junk, I’m counting on both those being in my head right now. As such, this blog’s audience should expect a great variety of subjects from me, because I’ll write about anything that grabs my attention, and I also tend to get bored. My blog will cover subjects ranging anywhere from sweeping stories of significant historical events, all the way to articles about the surprisingly fascinating industry of recycling. I will write about my travels, and the lessons they taught me. Moreover, I will post a number of book reviews, and not only my own. My final goal will be to incorporate a spoken word compliment to this blog in the form of a podcast.

In the meantime, I mean to post one short, regular contribution every week as well as longer texts when possible. I am a full time engineering student in my final year of study and have many interests, so time is not one of my luxuries. Never the less, this blog will be a high priority of mine, and is already a joy to work on.

Stay tuned, and subscribe!

Using an amazing and portable Bluetooth Keyboard to get the blog ready while traveling in Turkey this August. I cant recommend this type of device enough. I write much faster on keyboards, and I hate bringing laptops with me traveling. The fear of loosing them, breaking them, or just of spending too much time on them is very real.

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