Vertical Cuzco

Old Picture I Want to Share – Vertical Cuzco, taken in February 2016. I took this photo on a particularly foggy morning while I was in Cuzco with a friend, Nicolas Comeford (seen in the picture). We had arrived in the city late the previous night. Tired, and following my friend’s travel book recommendation, we made our way to one of the city’s most famous hostels. It seemed promising. It had been a conquistador’s mansion once upon a time, and now it was the city’s largest hostel. Incidentally, it moonlighted as one of the cities most important clubs, a fact we somehow missed while reading the travel book. Having travelled from very far to get to Cuzco, we were completely exhausted, and not in the mood for a night of partying, but we were nevertheless kept up all night by the raging beats emanating through the walls. If that was not bad enough, we had taken two beds in a dorm room, and the club goers constantly came in and out of our room to take drugs and have sex. So much for sleep.

Even more exhausted than when we arrived, we left the hostel at first light. This picture shows our first sight of the city in the light of day, and it was beautiful. Though we were tired, we were grateful for the opportunity to be up before everyone else, to appreciate the city in its silent waking hours. We walked another hour or two with hour heavy backpacks, down Cuzco’s crazy steep, never ending staircase sidewalks, until we found a quieter hostel where we could finally sleep.

Vertical Cuzco – Nicolas Lemay – February 2016

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