The Work of Adelphoi Zangaki (the Zangaki Brothers)

The Work of Adelphoi Zangaki (the Zangaki Brothers). These two brothers were Greek photographers. They were probably called Constantine and George, though we don’t actually know for sure. Between 1870 and 1890, the brothers travelled throughout Egypt and other parts of what was the Ottoman Empire at the time, taking pictures of all the greatest sights they could. Going through archives of their work is like travelling in space and in time. Not only do you see the state of Egypt in the 1800s, but you see the people, and the city streets of another world. From what I can gather, the brothers travelled with a horse drawn darkroom wagon, in which they developed the photos you see here. Not much is known about them, besides the fact that they took some great photos. I highly recommend their work, it was a pleasure to build the archive on Pinterest for this post. See it by following this link.

A Bicharin soldier.

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